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Old Testament Revelations Long Hidden In The Dust

Old Testament Revelations Long Hidden In The Dust

The Old Testament and long hidden secrets are gently coaxed from their hiding place. Understandings and relevance to everyday life with the bright light of revelation and common sense.

When I entered into the Holy of Holies, I was met with the breathtaking vision of the Ark of the Covenant. It was richly aglow and seemed to have a light of its own with a skin of highly polished gold. The contents contained therein are two weighty stone tablets covered in the holy commandments deeply inscribed by the mighty finger of God. These are divine instructions imparted to Moses on Mount Sinai. Sinai means: Bush in the clay desert—the place of enmity. The commandments remain our beacon and our light so that we might navigate back into the presence of our loving Creator. Eli, if you abide strictly by their principles, you will not fail or falter in this life’s uncertain perils. A bowl of fresh ‘manna,’ or ‘what is it?’ also known as The corn of heaven, with the texture and taste of coriander: warm, nutty, spicy, and sweet orange-flavored. The manna not only fills the belly but it also guards against illness and plague. Remember Eli—it was only one days’ helping that was the required allotment. Hoarding was discouraged by worm and by rot. On the eve of the Shabbat, a double portion remained delicious. And this, Eli, is a reminder that God’s word is fresh and alive, and to be feasted upon daily—and twice again on a holy day. This is an old testament rule that remains fresh and alive.

Ark of the Covenant revealed

‘And God created the rod of Aaron; also enclosed in the Ark; And He did so in the twilight of the sixth day of Creation. The scepter is representing the power of the priesthood, and an everlasting conduit to God Almighty. Aaron’s rod put forth buds and produced blossoms, and it bore ripe almonds—an acknowledgment that the house of Levi were the keepers of the eternal priesthood. From the Old Testament to the modern eyes.

Eli, this is the very same priesthood we are commanded to honor. And please ponder that the rights of the priesthood are inseparably connected with the powers of heaven. Eli, sear into your memory that the powers of heaven cannot be controlled nor handled, only upon the principles of righteousness and with an eye single to the glory of Jehovah. ‘Another of the essential elements found on the ledge in the holy place, a vial of anointing-oil, made of flowing myrrh, sweet smelling cinnamon, fragrant cane, and olive oil—for a sweet savor to set apart the things God holds most sacred. And also be aware, young Eli, of the urn containing the sacred ashes of the red heifer next to the brimming pitcher of living waters. When mixed they create a barrier between the living and the corpse; between holy and unclean, righteousness and sin. It is a likeness of the coming judgment of the quick and the dead. Bathe your hands in the mixture before touching the Ark. Ground yourself in this ritual—or you will fall down dead.” Phinehas’ eyes brightened, and his aged burden seemed lightened as he brought the knowledge of God back to his remembrance. Taking a deep breath and renewing his vigor he continued, “There are two sentinels that protect the Judgment seat. The holy Sentries patiently sit on the lid of the Ark. Their golden wings are barely separated, and they are forever facing each other for a reminder that none can approach or ever pass through the narrow way without their permission. They are Jachin, who defends the right, and whose name means: ‘He will establish’—and Boaz, who guards the left, and whose name means: ‘Quickness.’ And before you are allowed to approach the Judgment seat where God ruleth and reigneth forever, your righteousness will be ‘quickly established’ before you are granted access. I sprinkled the perfectly prepared incense onto the coals, and the room exploded in a thick cloud of ghostly smoke, that instantly invaded every seam and stitch in the sanctuary. My sight could not penetrate the mist even to the length of an inch, and I struggled and strained to regain the smallest amount of vision. Then in the haze in the vicinity of the Judgment Seat, I perceived a thickening cloud where a faint outline appeared—a barely discernible silhouette. The image was whiter than its surroundings. A head and shoulders were supposed through the haze. There were shoulder-length curls as thick as a sheep’s winter coat. I stared into the emptiness in the direction of the image for as long as I dared, and as of yet, there were no facial features. Then suddenly two eyes burst open; they were burning orange and had a look of something hotter than fire. My heart stopped, and my breath caught in my throat. I had to look away. I felt that by lingering a moment longer, I would have crumbled into dust. Afraid and confused, I scrambled to find the pass-through back into the Holy Place. The old testament was originally established by word of mouth, so understandings become clouded in time and with the retelling.


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