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Modern-Day Revelations Redefine Old Testament Explanations
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Award-winning author and keynote speaker Joseph Ganci believes that Biblical accounts can be more than just dusty history - it can be passionately entertaining. He brings the Bible to life and rekindles the fires of ancient storytelling.

He offers practical application of revelatory insights of faith, visions, and spiritual determination for modern-day living. He does it all in ways that will entertain, motivate and enlighten.

Ganci pierces the veil with a penetrating vision of long held Bible mysteries that are far and away daring and unusual. He works within a framework of an engaging and dramatized fiction that, while exceedingly rich in detail, remains faithful to uphold spiritual principles. He bases his work on three primary pillars:

* The rock-solid cornerstone is biblical history geography.

* The creative arch is revelatory in its timing and issues.

* The research is concrete, firmly rooted in customs, languages, and traditions.

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“Gideon: The Sound and the Glory by Joseph Ganci is a masterpiece of a story, a historical fiction read that will transport readers back to the biblical era, rich in history and culture.”

Readers Favorite Review

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“I wrote this book,” Ganci stated, “as one day I was reading the Bible, and it was my fifth pass from cover to cover. I had just reached Judges Six when a phrase leaped off the page – And Gideon sent messengers throughout all mount Ephraim, saying, come down against the Midianites, and take before them ‘the waters unto Bethbarah’ and Jordan.”

“I started digging down and found it meant the shallow waters and the only fording place of the entire Jordan River. It was in effect a military dispatch – directing the army of Ephriam to cut off the desperate flight of the remaining Midian camel cavalry. Gideon would drive the enemy like hounds to the hunter. A long-held mystery started to unravel, and with that, I was off to the races.”

“Fresh insights are unearthed when discovering hidden connecting details found in ancient scripture. These viewpoints are only revealed when man’s ability has sufficiently grown, and that he is now ready to receive them. My speaking goals are to entertain, motivate and to have the audience leave enlightened and satisfied.”

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