Abigail, David’s proposal of marriage

Abigail, the comely daughter of Carmel.

“When we had parted, my eyes rebelled and would not allow me to look away. You are etched forever in my waking memory. I stare up at passing clouds only to see the outline of your face.

I long for sleep, so in the night, you might invade my dreams. So when I saw that you had turned back ever so slightly to see me standing there, my heart soared in ecstasy. I have been downcast in my imaginings for the desperate need of your company. Yet, my delight resounds with heated passion at the mere thought of your embrace. I vividly recall your stunning beauty, depth of wisdom, and your unconquerable leap of faith. I long to caress you and seek shelter in your arms, Abigail. You spark in me an unquenchable fire scorching my soul with loves eternal promise. I would be happy to satisfy your every wish, want, and desire. I would place you on a pedestal higher than my anointed throne. Say yes to be my wife, and such happiness you have never known will be ours forevermore.


Gideon: The Sound and the Glory. David: God’s Chosen Crucible.

Your David, son of Jesse.

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